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Don and Gia Zelenak:

The last words you say before you come home with a new pet are we're just going to look,and we are no exception. My wife and I had mentioned that we might be interested in getting a dog to one of our close friends one evening. We had known that Eric's mom bred Cockers , but until we arrived at the kennel I had no idea how serious Laura is at this business. I was amazed at the number of bitches and dogs that she had, and after a brief chat, the amount of champions that she had bred and produced. Laura's operation doesn't look like your average pet store showroom, but her operation is operated with both love and professionalism that you can't find at any strip mall.

Though Laura had a litter of pups that were ready to take home, we actually ended up adopting Chrissy, a female buff Cocker that was a year and a half old and a former dog show contender. I was a little apprehensive about bringing a dog home that day, however Laura was totally cool and let us basically take her for a test drive of sorts. Laura set us up with everything we needed to take care of her for a few days while we saw how she adapted to our home. She was a little apprehensive the first night, but she's been a part of our family for over three years now. Chrissy, who we have since renamed Lady has a good temper and has been fairly healthy over these three years. We always get comments on how great she looks and that she's a perfect example of an American Cocker Spaniel.

Laura is also does THE BEST job grooming Lady. Though it’s a 35 minute ride to Laura’s place, it’s totally worth it.